About Us

Expatpoint, a growing and multilingual team, composed of local and international talents of over 8 different nationalities, works on offering tailored relocation services befitting our clients’ needs.

With diverse backgrounds in the Relocation, Human Resources, Hospitality, Law, Economy, Finance, and PR sectors, as well as personal expatriation experiences, our consultants are able to empathize and provide effective solutions regarding domestic and international assignments.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction forces us to constantly adapt and evolve in order to deliver smart and flexible solutions that suit both the employer and the transferee.

Our main offices in Mexico City , San Luis Potosi and Guadalajara are strategically located to fullfil your needs.
In order to deliver customized services of the highest quality, our customer-centric business is based on solid alliances and networks.

Strategic partnerships with:

° Global, National and Local Relocation companies
° Furniture Rental, Migratory, Real Estate and Removal companies

Strategic relationships with:
° Schools and Universities
° International networks & associations
° Governmental entities
° Business incubators
° Entrepreneur Magazine

Our Clients

As part of our regular clientele, we are proud to count over 30 major international companies from various sectors.

We also assist various Embassies and Consulates on several accounts and act as Destination Services Providers for mayor Global Relocation Companies.

Finally, we work closely with the Expatriates to provide them on-going advice, guidance and support, on a personal and professional level.

Audit & Consultancy
Audit & Consultancy
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  • I can't thank you guys enough for helping me get the residency card so fast. You guys went above and beyond and it is greatly appreciated.  
  • “I received excellent personalized service and most importantly – you identified an excellent location for me to live in Mexico. I´d like to thank you very much for this “.
  • “Los contratos nos han llegado y ya están firmados por nosotros. Muchas gracias! Por fin! Encontrar y contratar un apartamento en México D.F. me parece un reto aún más grande que en un país burocrático así como Alemania;-) Le quiero agradecer a Ud. así como a todo su equipo entero por los esfuerzos enormes y por conseguirnos el apartamento que nos conviene más con tanta profesionalidad, dedicación y cariño. Finalmente le quiero agradecer por todo el apoyo que nos dio alrededor del 'house hunting' y - last but not least - por la bienvenida muy cálida. Nuestras primeras impresiones del DF siempre estarán vinculadas con Ud y con su equipo. Un saludo cordial a todo el equipo”.
  • I have been very well attended by your team and yourself. It is important to mention that all your team mates are very professional and strong in communication. Tonality and understanding are important and that is real added value which your team got across. The housing alternatives provided were very well selected. The fact that the offer significantly differs between departments and houses was well managed and successfully solved. The discipline and assertiveness has reflected in high respect landlords are paying to your company. Regards”
  • The experience with your agency has been very positive from my point of view, so I hope that it will help other colleagues – and your agency as well. I would point out the personalized service offered.
    • The agency takes time to know the personal preferences of the expatriate on areas: type of residence, personal preferences in terms of style and decoration, and they also suggest the most convenient area from their point of view taking into account the personal circumstances of the expatriate. That makes very focused the search of the house.
    • Great help providing tips and suggestions about lifestyle and practice details in the new city. Their recommendations are always well oriented.
    • The commitment of the colleagues is really high, and they will assist you personally until the very last detail so you can feel safe, comfortable and warm welcomed into the new country.
    In summary, combines a very professional and personalized experience that makes the relocation process easy, successful and with the human touch everyone needs when moving to a new country. This is sincerely my positive and personal experience about your work with me within the relocation process”
  • “ Dear Marta, Daniela, y Abigail, Thank you for such a lovely visit to the wonderful city of San Luis. Your hospitality and professionalism as well as your well-organized agendas made our visit successful and enjoyable“.
  • “I would like to thank you for great and professional support yesterday. Like always, you are focused on the important topics and as well on the small things. This makes feel everybody comfortable. I received a positive feedback and our visitors left with a good impression. I’m very happy to work with you together and I’m looking forward to work with you in future. You have a great team here in San Luis Potosi. It is a pleasure to work with you. Have a nice weekend and I hope to see you all soon. Best regards,”
  • Manager Expat Management: “ExpatPoint has a very motivated and attentive staff. Our needs were always taken into account. Each team member we worked met, knows how to put itself in our situation.. The objects shown our needs were taken into account. Thus it was possible to find the new accommodation during our L&S in San Luis. It is a pleasure to work with you”.
  • “Dear Francisco, Thank you sooooo much once again and please send also our regards to Geraldo! You both made the arrival for us in Mexico so easy!!! :-) Hope you had a safe trip back to Mexico City! All the best!”
  • I am happy to hear (however, not surprised at all;-) that your company and business are prospering and that we will be able to count on extended expat services and additional offices in Mexico in the future: felicitaciones! I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the past six years of outstanding personnel support delivered by you and by your team and I am looking forward to many more years of successful professional cooperation with ExpatPoint Relocation Services (formerly known as Meetpoint;-)!” Warmest regards and all the best for your new ventures!” President and General Director German German Automotive Company
  • ¡La verdad que el servicio fue excelente! La atención inmejorable y el trato súper humano. Nos sentimos muy cuidados y apoyamos por todos uds durante este difícil y traumático proceso. Una vez más gracias a todos”
  • It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thank you so much for spending the time with Antonio and me. The day was very informative to me. Your team was extremely professional and fun to be with. I ended my day with new friends in San Luis Potosi! I look forward to visiting again soon. Take care and please contact me if I can be of assistance. Best regards"
  • “I would like to thank you so much for having done a great job regarding the apartment. I know it was not easy, but you and your team managed well and you were very dedicated. I was also delighted to find everything this morning in a great and perfect condition and well prepared. If I had to choose a relocation company again, it would most certainly you!!! Muchísimas gracias!!! Kind regards,”
  • “Upon my arrival in Mexico Meetpoint and specially Diana were extremely helpful, professional and graceful in the way that support my relocation process. With no doubt, It's the best way to introduce a foreigner in the Mexican way of live”.
  • “Estamos encantados con la manera como nos habéis tratado y el apoyo súper profesional que recibimos de ti y de tu equipo. Es mi tercera asignación y el mejor relocation que he recibido nunca! Enhorabuena por tu trabajo excelente! Muchísimas gracias por todo y hasta mañana”.
  • “En nombre de mi esposa e hijos quiero agradecerles por la gira de hoy. ¡Atención de primera! Un gran saludo”

Mepot is a very unique and happy alien, ,one day his curiosity took him to another stage, and he began thinking of the possibility to go beyond every place he already knew. Although he already had everything he needed for his new adventure he still had some doubts, for instance; where would he arrive? What would he do there? And whom to go to in case he needed anything? In other words, being far away from home would make him feel not only insecure but also afraid.

Thinking about all these questions, made him wonder if it would be a good idea to follow his heart, he wasn´t sure anymore. But a good friend of his, made him reconsider his ideas when he talked to him about the visit he had made to Earth and all the wonderful things he had discovered. Mepot was back and ready again following his heart for a new adventure.