Ongoing Support

Now that your assigness are settled. ExpatPoint helps your Expat personnel to immerse into local culture, while easing everyday needs.

Relocation Services

Cross Cultural Support
Our Cross- Cultural Training helps assignees and their families to minimize culture shock and facilitates a more pleasant transition to local conditions.

Partner Assistance (Spouse Accompanying Program)
The term trailing spouse is used to describe a person who follows his or her life partner to another city because of a work assignment. The most pointed issue a trailing spouse must learn to deal with is the loss of identity.

Trailing spouses often experience anger and frustration about their future. These feelings often cause them to become homesick, isolated, and depressed. However, moving abroad can offer an opportunity to start again and pursue a career or activity that had previously been unavailable.

Expatpoint has some ideas to help you overcome this situation.

Run the House (Ask the expert)

From computer to furniture repair, to plumbing and humidity problems."Ask the Expert” is a question and answer service part of Expatpoint Relocation Services to find out easy and cost-effective solutions to your house problems .

Tours & Activities
Being far away from homeland may be difficult, this is why we organize events regularly to bring together all the Expatriates living in Mexico. Join our events organized to help you meet other expats, local people and discover all the wonderfull sites Mexico has to offer.

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