Pre Assignment Set Up

Your assignees have begun to relocate in Mexico, Getting settled shouldn't be an overwhelming experience. ExpatPoint offers the following packages designed to prepare your assignees for the relocation settling process.
Look & See Trip
The purpose of this trip is for the assignee and his/her family to see, feel and experience the city and country that they may be moving to, in the near future.

The look-and-see trip
is a very important component of a relocation package and will help you adjust quickly to your new life.

During this trip, we will familiarize the assignee and his/her family with their new local living conditions by touring houses, visiting schools and points of interests.

Our L&ST includes:

  • Welcome Package and Expat Survival Guide with useful information about the city and country, cost of living, tips, schools, desirable expat neighborhoods, and more.
  • Airport transfers
  • City Orientation Tour
  • Schooling Overview
  • Housing and Living Area Overview
  • Tour showing medical services, shopping areas, leisure facilities, banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc
Short Term Accommodation

Expatpoint makes the relocation transition process more comfortable for the expat and their family when they are not able to move into their permanent residence straight away or their assignment period is too short to commit to a normal rental property.

We have carefully selected short-term accommodation providers to offer the perfect solution to stay-at-home comfort and to save on hotel costs.

Expatpoint can search for and secure fully furnished accommodation for periods of 1 week to 6 months.

Airport Welcome

We are convinced that first impressions are always the most important ones.

Language or cultural boundaries might negatively impact on the assignee’s first perception of their destination. Our team can help make this first contact a very pleasant one by giving them the warmest of welcomes.

Service includes:

  • ONE airport ride.
  • English or native-speaking liaison officer will be available to welcome your assignees and answer their questions.
  • A comfortable vehicle will take your assignees from City airport to any part of the City.
Procurement of moving services
Inmigration Services
ExpatPoint provides high quality service and expertise in assisting assignees and their families to obtain their visas and work permits, renew documents and complete any other immigration requirements.

Consider us your immigration one-stop-service. We provide guidance from the beginning to the end of the process, facilitate all related procedures and minimize the action required by the assignees. Our specialists coordinate with the Mexican migratory authorities, monitor the progress of assignees’ applications and take care of all paperwork and related procedures until the process is complete.

Our service includes:
  • Specialized Immigration and legal counseling.
  • Management of applications with Mexican authorities.
  • Sending a renewal reminder 45 days before the expiry of each migratory permit.
  • 24hr Point of contact for immigration issues and legal support.