Relocation Program Management

Whether you need to build a new mobility solution or optimize your current program, turn to Expatpoint for a successful and competitive Relocation. We handle every facet of the global mobility program: budgeting, planning, scheduling, coordination and follow-up.

We build smart and flexible Relocation Programs so that your company can seamlessly Relocate any assignee to Mexico.
Soft Landing

Expatpoint provides comprehensive assistance to individuals and companies interested in investing in Mexico. We provide assistance in:

  • Immediate landing needs: Transport, lodging, safety, and general briefing on Mexico as a investing destination.
  • Access to technical resources: : Offer customers access to third party resources related to general legislation, suppliers base, education, taxation model, infrastructure facilities, key economic indicators, state of the workforce, general registration requirements.
  • Advisory in country assessment and selection: : Support to help investors compare Mexico with other FDI destinations, including investment climate, costs, processes for obtaining licenses and permits.
  • Meetings arrangement: : Recommend various entities according to the investor needs: Government Agencies, Universities, Real Estate brokers, attorneys, accountants, industrial parks, office parks.
  • Networking: : Facilitation of direct contacts with national potential investors through Expatpoint’s network in San Luis Potosí, Monterrey, etc.
  • Operational Site selection: at a national, regional or local level.
  • In-country establishment support: : Tactical support and advice in operational establishment in country, expansions, product diversification.
  • Vendor selection: : Support in the selection of any vendor required by the investor.
  • Post-Establishment: : Support in resolution of operational issues arising after establishment.
Hospitality Management
Compensatory Strategies
Relocation Strategies