Special Announcements for Expats

Our Special Announcements for Expats will keep you informed of special events while living in Mexico.

Ten years ago around this time, we started as a little Company with big hopes and dreams of giving our sisters & brothers from other countries who will be coming to live to Mexico the best experiences and memories of their stay in this beautiful country.

The road, as everything in life, has had its highs and lows, but we have never changed our wishes to make the most of the experience of living in Mexico for our beloved Expats and the Companies who entrusted us their services. Giving you all the warmth that Mexico can give, we have grown as a family with everyone involved in this process and now, with around 600 services completed, we want to say:

Thanks to each one of you who made this posible, we’ll keep getting better so you can always have the best of all our services in the present and in the future.

We want to hear from you! contact@expatpoint.mx

Formalities on Arrival

In ExpatPoint we acknowledge that government agencies proceedings such as driver's license and tax registration are complex for the assignee to perform on their own without any previous counselling. With Formalities on Arrival we aim to deliver a smooth and efficient process so the assignee can perform such formalities without spending much of their time or effort.

The service includes:
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Gathering of required documents
  • Accompanied appointments
  • Formalities to choose from: Driver´s License, CURP, SAT´s registration (RFC and electronic signature FIEL and CIEC), Social Security Number, Bank Account.
For more information please contact@expatpoint.mx, we are always happy to help with any question that you have.
As of the recent circumstances that happened because of the Earthquakes within Mexico in September,

the ExpatPoint team wants to thank all of the support from our friends inside and outside the country.

This brotherhood reflects, that we are not alone during difficult times and that we will keep on working hard to continue strengthening our bonds with the expat community.

Thank you!